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Late start to tell you a story?

Himalayan Spring in the SlideShare Tell A Story Contest
I will tell you a story about the highest, poorest and most beautiful land of our Planet. A story in colors, fresh images, high-definition video and original music, which I brought from my last month’s visit to Nepal and the Himalayas. Is it created for the SlideShare’s Tell A Story Contest ? Yes and no, but you can still vote for it, if you like it. Once upon a time on the long way to the top of the world…

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Traffic vs. Conversion

Traffic versus Conversion

Traffic versus Conversion

The holiday’s shopping fever is over. While the visitors trend to our caviar and fashion website projects dropped down to their “normal” levels, reflecting the worldwide search volume trend for December/January, ecommerce conversion jumped 3 times. The battle is Quality vs. Quantity. Performance matters, beyond trends. In the end of the day the 80/20  ratio is rock solid.

How is your conversion doing lately ?