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Late start to tell you a story?

Himalayan Spring in the SlideShare Tell A Story Contest
I will tell you a story about the highest, poorest and most beautiful land of our Planet. A story in colors, fresh images, high-definition video and original music, which I brought from my last month’s visit to Nepal and the Himalayas. Is it created for the SlideShare’s Tell A Story Contest ? Yes and no, but you can still vote for it, if you like it. Once upon a time on the long way to the top of the world…

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Where next? Travel 2.0 with Dopplr and Tripit

At the top

At the top

Spending your time away from home for 1/3 of the year definitely broadens your horizon and presents lots of opportunities to meet great people, exploring new cultures and outdoor activities in the real world (it’s getting too virtual lately, isn’t it?).

While in 2007 I spent less than 100 days on the road, 2008 was pretty active with 120+ days abroad (Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Greece and the USA, to mention some of the destinations.) I will try to keep the trend for 2009 with more business and exploration trips – mostly between February and July – from SES to Northern Ireland to Everest base camp.

All of this could be easily tracked with Travel 2.0 web services like Dopplr and TripIt. You can forward your booking confirmations to p...@tripit.com and automatically sync your iCal with a feed, that has useful info. You get notifications when you will be in the same city as your friends, controling who can see your trips and collaborate on them.

The Dopplr annual report is real fun and almost real picture of your trips, especially if they are linked with flickr.

Dopplr report

Dopplr report

” You took 15 trips in 2008, which added up to 14,134 km or 3% of the distance to the moon. Everyone on Dopplr travelled a total of 1331.4 million km in 2008: the approximate distance to Saturn from the Earth as of January 2009. Your personal velocity for 2008 was 1.61 km/h, which is about the same as NASA’s crawler. The 5 most popular cities in your network are Stockholm, Lisbon, Zürich, Cairns and Brussels. We couldn’t calculate the carbon footprint of your travels for 2008 because at the moment, you’re not using that feature. In 2008, the average carbon of those who are tracking the impact of their travels on Dopplr was 6,413 kg CO2.”

So, where you gonna go next in 2009?