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Virtual branding escapism

Brand Trust

Brand Trust

Oh my dear Nielsen,

I do agree that “virtual” and “real” friends are our best brand builders (not only on our birthday), but consumer’s recommendation from known people or strangers is not a form of advertising. You also missed the biggest brand trust builder –  Google’s top5 organic search results (I hope intentionally 😉

Social media is the key for building trust in brands?
Yup, in a few “developed” countries, the rest of the world use it for time killing and enterprise resources wasting activities.

Consumers trust real friends, virtual strangers and brand websites the most? So, I have to start to trust my virtual friends same way like the people I know, right?

Yada yada. It’s like “the law of big numbers” by Mr. Power. You start a spammer’s “social network”, expose thousands of personal emails in their profile URL to Google and than you claim that Quantity is what matters. When you “build your network”, you do some business with 1 in 100 people, good businesses with 1 in 1000 and than “1 in 10000 of those people will become mentor, supporter, helper in your life”.

Well, I really have great ideas sharing and collaboration experience with hundreds of “virtual friends”, but I do care only for real friends I’ve met in personal (most of which started out as online ones ;-).

Do we need a friend/girlfriend in every city?
Nope, just few real friends, who care, dare and move ahead, together eventually.

Just a recent example: When you share your birthday wish (to help few kids from “underdeveloped” countries get a color text-book and attend a school at least for few days) with hundreds of “socially responsible and concerned” western “virtual friends”, you get (accidental, inspirational and spontaneous) response by few “real friends” from your eastern neighborhood?! and zero feedback from them.

Hey Mark, where’s the “friends”-list sanitazing app? Let’s make every day a great one and let’s care about our real friends and Future. Yeah, birthdays, holidays, virtual or real…

THANK YOU FRIENDS for all your phone, facebook, email, twitter and sms birthday messages. I’ll have a small out of town/ traffic/ heat/ smog chill-out party with lot of music, cocktails, fruits and icecream… A big thanks again for all the birthday wishes, everyone!

Do you have virtual friends, who are as good as real ones (without huge exposure in facebook, twitter and other illusions 😉 ?

What type of … you are?

Philosophers, scientists and activists,  from Plato to Keirsey to Josh to Clifton to Lindsay, are categorizing and profiling personality types by temperament, strengths, social and even SEO activity.

The temperament profile correlations through the decades are endless: philosopher, ethical, melancholic, dogmatic, religious, idealists, scientist, choleric, agnostic, theoretical, rational, guardian, phlegmatic, traditional, economic, receptive, epimethean, artisan, hedonic, sanguine, innovative, esthetic, exploiting, dionysian… lately reduced to 4 main types: Hyperesthetic, Anesthetic, Depressive and Hypomanic. Based on 60 years of research, the Personality100 report is too long and personal to share, but it ‘s really a thorough one.

Strengths profiles are based on a 40-year study of human strengths. Gallup created a language of the 34 most common talents and developed the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to help people discover and describe these talents. I admit that at least my profile is precisely sharp.

The DISC style profile system helps people to explore their personal/management/sales behavior across four primary dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, & Conscientiousness. The 40-years old assessment identifies your behavioral profile, improves interpersonal relationships, gains insight into the adaptive and natural styles of behavior, and increases your appreciation of others.

The Social (media) behavior profiles are defined by Josh Bernoff in the popular Forrester Research Social Technographics Ladder: Inactives, Spectators, Joiners, Collectors, Critics and Creators. In Eastern Europe and Bulgaria we have over 60% inactive social media users (potential customers), 35% spectators and less than 5% creators:

Social Technographics Explained

Social Technographics Explained

SEO type profiles? Last week Lindsay Wassel, the new SEO consulting manager at SEOmoz, posted a nice SEOs types analysis. Are you the Closet Genius, Livin’ Lazy, Retired Rock Star, Hung-Over, Throwing Darts in the Dark, Devs Gone Wild, One Foot out the Door, Own Worst Enemy or  the Tin-Foil Hat type of SEO?

After all, in the end of the day we tend to be Active or Passive.

But I like it. (only rock’n roll 😉

So, what type of Personality you are?