Google guitar best doodle ever

This morning Google surprised us with a great interactive guitar doodle, which you can turn in a polyphonic instrument, strummed by finger touch, mouse or best with your PC keyboard. The 96th birthday of the Jazz legend Les Paul is celebrated in an awesome way. Whether on a 9″ tablet, office PC or a 6-core high-end music studio workstation, playing today’s Google logo is pure fun! Switch on your speakers and the jam must go on!

In few countries, you’ll have even a record button, which can be used to record your performance and share the piece with the world. I just captured my first take. The only suggestion would be to improve the sound latency in the Flash, add/ overlay some keys for percussion and hope we’ll have a great music instrument in 2012!

Our next-generation midi controller UMO1 will be shipping in 40 days

See you in the jazz club tonight

Google guitar best doodle ever

One thought on “Google guitar best doodle ever

  1. Hey there. I must say, that doodle was awesome. I must have spent at least an hour messing with it throughout the day and I heard the strumming of the guitar on many other computers in my office. lol It definitely was one of the more interactive ones to date. Later!

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