Year: 2011

The Power of Dreams

First yellow leaves cause shivers up my “move” passion and dreams. As little kids, we all got those ridin-swimmin-jumpin-climbin wounds and scarves. Cycling gives you a unique feeling beyond the frame, cycling in the wild moves your soul and personal, open-minded mobility, a guaranteed freedom. Country/ mountain roads are the best, highways/ freeways are the worst… My favorite […]

white winter. warm synth

A-800PRO MIDI controller: my new -studio, -on-stage and -home friend. Great design and feel for expressive dynamic performances. Velocity-sensitive responsive reaction 61 keys with channel aftertouch! 45 assignable controls: knobs, sliders, buttons, transport 8 Dynamic Pads for finger drumming and MIDI triggering Great pitch bend/modulation stick Sustain and expression pedals input Windows 7 and and […]

Best CRM 2011?

Greetings to all the “best CRM” fans these days – the CRM’s spring peak is back with lot of interesting projects. Should I use an in-house or hosted solution, how to integrate our ERP, the Asterisk call center, helpdesk, our email marketing center, RSS feeds and 30 social media profiles?… The old myth about ”the magic […]

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