2012: Year of the Tablets? Year of the Windows 8 Slates

Windows 8 for Slates
Windows 8 for Slates

The new iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, Sony S, Asus eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook, HP Slate 500, Dell Streak…tablets are overtaking the world by storm. Still all of them are used just as multimedia companions, missing the main point – getting the ultimate power of a full-featured high-end PC while on the go. Remember the TabletPC coined by Microsoft back in 2001?

Microsoft believes again that tablet sales will overtake PCs and touch interfaces will become the dominant platform within the next year… with the mysterious recycled Surface?

I never bought a “tablet” (always using TabletPC convertibles and Multi-touch slates) until the amazing Samsung Series 7 Slate finally made it 10 years later, in 2011. Speedy and fantastic tablet AND laptop AND desktop replacement AND much more. This is the portable PC we have all been waiting for since 1991.

For all the road warriors and visual artists – this is the ultimate lightweight power computing tool you must have. We need fast, light and user-friendly tool to be used in all environments. Multi-touch navigation and image manipulation, pressure sensitive digital painting. Mobile website and SEO optimisation, ERP and CRM cloud apps redesign surface, voice search and navigation, finger or stylus input. Work or play, create or enjoy – the choice is yours. I was able to replace my laptops with the Slate and use it as a main computer. You can read anywhere, take notes, highlight text, sketch new products – all in sharp, bright and realistic colors in a durable and lightweight slate. It works even better with Windows 8.

And if 11.6″ is not enough for you and mobility is not an issue, you can go up to 66″ with Brand Touch ZilverSlate multi-touch adaptive totem.

You could be positively sure that 2012 will be THE year of the Windows 8 Slates and they will conquer the market.
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2012: Year of the Tablets? Year of the Windows 8 Slates

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