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Virtual branding escapism

Oh my dear Nielsen, I do agree that “virtual” and “real” friends are our best brand builders (not only on our birthday), but consumer’s recommendation from known people or strangers is not a form of advertising. You also missed the biggest brand trust builder –  Google’s top5 organic search results (I hope intentionally 😉 Social […]

What type of … you are?

Philosophers, scientists and activists,  from Plato to Keirsey to Josh to Clifton to Lindsay, are categorizing and profiling personality types by temperament, strengths, social and even SEO activity. The temperament profile correlations through the decades are endless: philosopher, ethical, melancholic, dogmatic, religious, idealists, scientist, choleric, agnostic, theoretical, rational, guardian, phlegmatic, traditional, economic, receptive, epimethean, artisan, […]

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