SEO analysis & the Enterprise

SEO Analysis for the Enterprise
SEO Analysis for the Enterprise

If we do a quick comparison of the last 3 enterprise SEO analysis reports, they all share the same onpage/ offpage problems:

  • Mature and huge brands with rarely noted websites, scattered on 3-4 “fresh” domains on foreign servers;
  • FRAME-based! corporate websites with zero URL visibility or rewriting;
  • Thousands of products, hidden in ZERO crawl-rate framed pages and MISSING /duplicated metadata;
  • Missing lead capturing system or CRM – 30% of the “requests” were found in the spam folders;
  • Extremely low traffic, measured in raw log files, full of unfiltered dummy robot and spam visits;
  • Corporate focus and business sectors are presented NOwhere, industrial slang EVERYwhere;
  • Hundreds of “keywords”, stiffed on the homepage, leading to 0.4 -0.7% keyword density;
  • Poor navigation, structure, internal linking, MERE external linking;
  • Bad server response codes, HUNDREDS of bad crappy neighbor websites on the same shared IP?!;
  • Less than 60% indexed content by Google. Yahoo and Live are doing better!?
  • ZERO ranking for the 5 top priority phrases in ALL search engines;
  • Top5 ranking (by a “SEO expert”) for a few phrases, which NOone searched in the last 3 months;
  • Poor URL mentions in the search engines, some non-relevant poor quality links in local FFA directories;
  • DMOZ and Yahoo virgin, ZERO blog links or bookmarks, mere brand reputation and web2.0/social media backlinks;
  • Alexa…

I will skip the next 17 pages…

The fun part is that in the end of the day we won the SEO tender NOT with a statistically proved triple conversion and double sales increase strategy, but with the “sense that the consultants know why we don’t like our website look-and-feel” 😉

The moral? If the line of business don’t gets the SEO part, shoot the Usability, Customer experience or even the CRM part.
… and keep brandmoving. See ya at the top!

SEO analysis & the Enterprise

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  1. Sure, Alexa Sparky doesn’t pass through most of the firewalls and spywares, but CEOs love to see their website “outstripping” 6 million websites in a week 😉

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