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This month I jumped in a great adventure, which I dreamed years ago.
Visiting one of my SEO and Google top positioning customers in Kathmandu, I discovered Nepal – the highest country, Buddha’s birthplace and best destination for mountaineering, adventurous trekking, rafting, wildlife jungle safaris, cultural and mystical tours and even golf. With a diverse population of more than 57 ethnic groups, 6500 species of plants, over 800 species of birds, and history, starting with the Kiratis 2800 years ago, today Nepal has an awesome nature, fragile economy, extreme poverty and illiteracy and an ethnically fragmented population, growing at a frightening rate.

I didn’t managed to shoot how the Mediterranean see met the Tibetan plateau when the Indo-Australian plate collided with the Eurasian continent to form the earth’s buckle Himalayas 60 million years ago, but I did manage to get thousands of great pictures and videos from the top of the world. From paddy fields with bamboo, mango forests and palms, through the tropical jungle, used as safeguard against possible invasion by the British (you can still see the rhinos, tigers and elephants in the Chitwan national park’s jungle) through the hills, where the large mountain ape gigantopithecus (my brother Yeti) was roaming half a million years ago, to the countless Himalaya snowy peaks and ranges…the soul for the Sherpas.

The Khumbu region, which was opened in the 1950s for trekking, is awesome. You can trek only with a daypack and spend over a month there with a relatively tight budget. A great holiday of fresh air, breath-taking views, great people and culture on the trail. In 1964 only 14 foreigners visited the region. Today they are over 25000.  Independent teahouse trekking is the most flexible, free and economical way to enjoy the mountain. You can stop or rush whenever you like. One of the great joys is that you meet common-minded people everywhere on the trek – at the airport, hotel, bus, lodge, on the trail. Another great experience is to mingle with the locals for a culture-rich and colorful adventure.

When I get a chance, I will publish my notes about the Nepal kingdom’s adventure as a rich-illustrated PDF.
Meanwhile check my HD video about the great world beyond laptop and iphone horizons and the Nepali-inspired music with western instruments, recorded in my studio back home.

Himalaya Spring – trekking in the Everest region

Instead of altitude sickness, I got altitude addiction.
So, keep brandmoving and we will see us at the top!
(both on Google and Everest)

See you at the top
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