Screen time: 16h a day diet

screen time
screen time increased 2 times for the last 3 years
Bye summertime, hi screentime.
It seems everybody is back to work.
We practice hundreds of screen-time activities on a daily basis. For example digital branding and web design doesn’t mean “Lorem ipsum” and CSS coding. It means daily communication with clients, project and contract management, market research and analytics, solid information architecture, creative design and fresh content, usability/ conversion/ search engine optimization, client expectations and experience management, brand’s reputation/ business metrics monitoring, etc.

Leisure time? Screen time is getting close to 72% of the pie. According to few research studies released this month, on average we spend:

  • 3.2 hours a day on social networking, microblogging and video sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • 2.5 in front of traditional TV, timeshifted DVRs and online video
  • 4.6 with PCs and mobile devices at the office and home
which leaves around 3 hours for … iPhones, iPads, GPSs, Wii fits, PlayStation games and other screens.
What about relaxing, creative arts, socializing and sports?
Have you got your 16 hours screen-time daily dose?
Lucky grandpas, poor grandsons…
What the doctor says: Screen time caused increased likelihood of metabolic syndrome, obesity, obsessive–compulsive disorder, independent of physical activity. The risk of having metabolic syndrome increased with screen time, such that individuals with the highest amount of screen time (> 5hrs/day) had 3 times higher risk of those with less than 1 hr/day”. That’s a wealth of evidence.

I would say balance is the only way, get rid of all your TVs and let the force be with you. Switch OFF the screen and go out. It’s a great Indian summer out there.

What you say?

Screen time: 16h a day diet

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  1. I am thinking that a new aristocracy is coming- consisting of people not using screens anymore. Paper books and non-electronic goods will become evidence of luxury lifestyle. I truly hope to see and experience this one day on my own.

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