Life strategy? One life, live it.

Life Strategy 2009When you ask your friends if they have created a life strategy for the next week, month, year, five or even ten years – over 90% will answer No! or should I?

Yes, we should. Some of us create to-do lists, (I prefer to make not-to-do lists), other are permanently writing “business-in-recession” strategies, but do we share our life strategies? Rarely. Are you interested to prepare a life strategy, if you knew how to?

We share those mumble-grumble social network status updates that “it was a great weekend, but now it’s Monday again and I have to wait 340 more days for my next vacation“… but there is no time to think and commit to paper?

Most of my friends from the past have only shorter life horizons because it is difficult for them to look far into the future and predict an outcome.
We didn’t learn why it’s important to create a life strategy at school.
It was only “I want it all and I want it now”, or “I’ll be happy if I can afford a beer tomorrow”. Carpe Diem, live in the moment – spontaneous, natural and keep rolling?

Well my friends, I don’t agree. Well-being is the way you want it to be. We should be open to all possibilities and not overlook new opportunities, but how will you  know WHAT’s a new opportunity, if you don’t know where are you going?

A life without a strategy is like a ship without a target and a reason. Your canoe will definitely sail you somewhere, but where you end up may not be where you really want to go. Or the most important part is to live every moment as though the whole world were watching?

Life strategy is not about a boxed career, income, buying a house, getting married, having kids or being self-reliant, financialy self-sufficient entrepreneur, retired as multi-millionaire at 60. It’s about the big idea, HOW to achieve the desired level of freedom, relationships, income, business, emotional and spiritual intelligence, etc.

I’m happy that most of my current friends and contacts have a life strategy. They can share it with a Tim Ferris’ DreamLine or Richard Koch’s ActionPlan in 10 minutes  and we can compare our progress, meeting for monthly happiness plan brainstorms and and shortening the horizon to our goals together.

Do I have one, yes, I wrote one, called Clouds (abstract, but solid foundation of clear life-goals) when I was 15-17 and it’s continually tuned every day, with every new knowledge and experience, tweaked for perfect outcome. Clearly, developing and sharing a life strategy makes a lot of sense and can be useful to all of us, who want to find something to be happy about.

Why? Because we can feel unlimited where we stand, to know that anything that we desire can be ours, that we are eager and full of life, free and fun and easy. Let’s challenge our perception of personal limits and don’t let our dreams stay dreams.

Here are 10 highlights from my mid-2009 life strategy update:

In the second half of 2009 I will:

  • Move from doing most of the things to what I do best and let others do the rest. (I can’t be expert on 80 things, just on 20 😉
  • Leap-frog my top5 direct competitors in the next 6 months, building and top positioning global brands with higher quality at 70% of the price.
  • Increase the quality and reduce the quantity of my relationships and friend-lists by at least 30% for 6 months.
  • Decrease compromising my integrity for anything or anybody.
  • Decrease the communication and social noise by 60% more in 3 months.
  • Say NO politely but immediately 20% more often.
  • Stop wasting energy on peripheral issues that cannot yield a payoff no matter the outcome.
  • I’ll use pure strenghts and truth instead of trying to make true that which I love or I am weak at.
  • Use free will and energy to go ahead and uphill, day after day
  • Stop wasting time talking about my plans to others. Give you only 2 minutes to say what you have to say quickly and simply – then we probably stop talk/chat? Zipping the lip.

We have all the time on this planet, but without Destination, Route and Actions, we are going nowhere.  Success is our own damn fault. So work less, succeed more, enjoy more, be more strategy-focused, less tactic-focused,  and let me know what do you think.

The Revolution starts on 1st of July. You are Vellycomed to join.

Life strategy? One life, live it.

One thought on “Life strategy? One life, live it.

  1. Well, I agree that following a strategy is often risky, as you could become attached to your plans and miss something way better, which you couldn’t see being in your goal-oriented, narrowed state of mind. Are you really the one and only creator of your life? Being open to new opportunities means mostly being present in the moment, accepting whatever comes your way and gradually realizing, that your desires and goals are just secondary compared to the main goal of everyone on this planet – to discover Love.

    Everything in this world is boundary. What you like is not helping you more than what you don’t like.You like only what you know, but you know that, what you already have.You even dream only about what you already know (imagination is in the same realm). What you have now does not help you make miracles, which comes to show that what you like is useless. To break the boundaries means to detach from your knowledge, feelings, likes and dislikes. Then you’ll be out of rules.
    Love is out of rules, doesn’t follow the rules, because Love doesn’t do anything wrong.
    Love is the only freedom, truth and beauty.
    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know” 😉

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