htc to samsung galaxy how to

HTC to Samsung Galaxy S II
HTC to Samsung Galaxy S II

How to move/ sync your contacts, calendar, emails, folders and tasks from your old HTC to your new Samsung Galaxy S II?

Select all records > copy to SD memory card > insert SD memory card > Import from card… Not working? Sure.

Here comes the interesting part / the only solutions, which worked for me: Use your Gmail account as Microsoft Exchange server source to sync your stuff between Windows Mobile and Android. WTF?!

If you try to follow the Google Sync for Windows mobile set up instructions, a lot of details and and screens are missing.

  1. Leave the email address as “@”. Uncheck the option to automatically determine Exchange server settings.
  2. Tap next and enter your account info: use a FULL email address, including, since you can also use a Google Apps account with your own domain name.
  3. Leave the domain field empty. Check “use SSL” and “save your password by default”. If you get “sync None” connection error, check only the boxes to sync Contacts and Calendar.

…and you’re done with 800+ contacts per minute.

Optionally download Kies and enjoy your new Android-friendly Samsung limitless Galaxy. It’s the smartest and lightest phone to date.

…and the Best Global Green Brand for 2011 is…

See ya at the top! Yours, BrandMover

htc to samsung galaxy how to
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