Hosting ($4/month) or Top Brand Performance ($400/m)?

The choice is yours. Wherever you land on the planet today, you pay for what you get.

We are in the brand performance management business. It’s not cheap and it’s not for every business. But it’s worth. Some just look for dirty cheap “hosting”, they google for ‘free’, ‘cheap’ and ‘discounted’, next month they look for even more cheaper. Customers? No, thanks. Popular doesn’t mean valuable, it means inferiority complex and big headache.

Hosting providers such as BlueHost (and most others for that matter) have a particular target market in mind for the services they provide. If the type of website your company has fits their target market, then you will rarely have any problems with their service. Maybe. If you don’t host your brand with 740 blacklisted link farms and adult websites on the same IP. If you don’t rush the shared server’s CPU to manage or archive your database. If…

If the type of website you have doesn’t fit their target market then you will have problems. Lots of them, on a daily basis. BlueHost give people the opportunity to find out if your site fits their target market by offering to refund your money if you are not happy after the first month. You can get all your “money” back and move elsewhere, month after month. Year after year. Someday you will even find free hosting, full of big-breasted banners, which will please the eye of your customers, for free.

If several hundred commodity static websites can share one server without overloading the server’s CPU, then it is much cheaper for your website to host on a server that places several hundred sites, than it would be to host it on a dedicated server that only hosts a dozen or so sites in order to make available a much higher CPU usage that the static sites don’t need, but a dynamic website that gets and serves thousands visitors and customers per day, executing millions service, sales and support transactions in real-time and doesn’t cache pages – it definitely would need.

If you have a supercharged V12 engine, then you don’t buy a small car and expect the engine to fit, you’d buy a large car or SUV that has space for a large engine. You can’t reach the top with a Micra or Golf, or even VW Country. You drive a Land Rover. Or LandCruiser. Or PathFinder.

The same applies to websites and hosting as applies to engines and cars. You need to choose an advantage environment, which supplies the resources that your website AND BRAND requires and if you need more than minimal CPU for your website to run you need to buy more expensive hosting that puts fewer sites on each server so that the required CPU is available. And most of all you need rock-solid, fanatic, real-time support.

However, the server CPU performance is just one of thousands Brand Performance metrics, which you have to master and monitor. But it’s very important, as well as other mission-critical factors like:

  • Brand Architecture and Strategy
  • Business Process Reengineering and Change Management
  • Web 2.0 strategy
  • CRM, Website & Database Performance
  • Business Intelligence dashboarding
  • Search Engine Optimized and Friendly, usable website
  • Google top5 presence
  • Competitive Intelligence and web analytics metrics
  • Conversion rate (CR), Customer value (RFM, LTV)

Performance management
Performance management

Whoops, ten years ago we were happy with 100 visits and 10 bookmarks of our website daily. Shift happens.

It’s snowing today! Let’s grab the ski tomorrow. See ya at the top!
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Hosting ($4/month) or Top Brand Performance ($400/m)?
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