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Sofia goes global
Sofia goes global

Last month we had our first InterNations global event in Sofia. Thank you all for coming and making the get-together salutary, rich and interesting.

I hope to turn it in a bimonthly tradition, as most of you requested. We are preparing presentations and live jazz for the next time. We will be around 60 people. Any suggestions for time, place and focus are welcomed.

InterNations is the first online community for people who live and work abroad, reaching out to the international community: diplomats, members of IGOs and NGOs, foreign correspondents, expatriates employed by multinational companies and their family members. We also cater to the interests of local residents with strong ties to this community (e.g. journalists). While our network is represented by more than 260 local communities, membership is strictly invitation-based: you may join after receiving an invitation from a current member. In this way, InterNations will remain a network of personal trust, where data security and privacy protection are top priorities.

If you want to meet other global minds, stay in touch with international friends and receive advice from expats, let me know and I will send you a personal invitation to InterNations. Wish you a great day, see you again in mid July.

Dear friends in Sofia,

We are very pleased to announce Vellyslav Petrov as the InterNations Ambassador for the Sofia Community.
Vellyslav Petrov is a branding consultant, focused in corporate identities, web solutions and brand strategies for moving local and global brands to the top. His favorite activity is helping companies to grow faster and reach the top through digital marketing. Vellyslav is recognized for extensive knowledge of global web market trends and high-end web solutions, improving user experience, global visibility and brand popularity through design & technology.

As the InterNations Ambassador, Vellyslav is your on-site contact in your city. He will look after the local Guide, moderate the Town Talk forum, organize “real-life” events in Sofia and take care of the community in general. At our InterNations events, you can meet your online friends face-to-face and get to know each other better.

All the best from Munich, the InterNations Team

Go global with InterNations
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