Farewell 2011, welcome 2012

What did you do in 2011
What did you do in 2011

As LinkedIn claims, 2011 was a year of change. Compared to past years, it was a kind of slow paced zen contemplation year, yet full of real stuff: new things, that I’d never done before, visual arts, digital signage, old and new friends, great music. I’ve spent most of the year in new products development:

Designing and producing new digital totems like StandOut for private banking, Almondo, which we installed in the largest retail malls in the country, the limited edition of Lumina and the high-end ZilverBlade. Now they call us “the totem people”…

  • several branding and SEO projects (thanks to the good old word-of-mouth “channel”),
  • playing old musical instruments and designing a new MIDI controller
  • visiting few new countries and islands…
  • plus thousands of tiny happy moments in the land of the Penguins.

There was too much contrast, not enough time for close friends and far away destinations. I’ve missed writing, playing music, more travel adventures with an enduro bike, but this will happen after the ski season is over.

Lets hope we’ll find the balance in 2012. Less time on the branding laptop and more creative time at the studio and on the road. More music in the near-field studio monitors and more near-field communication with friends, tablets, totems, allowing us to wirelessly exchange information and make transactions at stores and banks.

It’s worth to do the hard work to figure out how to make life better. Thank you for all creative and corporate presents plus a pile of notebooks to write a handful of goals that seem important 😉

Wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy 2012 and don’t let your dreams be dreams!

So, what did you do in 2011?

Farewell 2011, welcome 2012
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