Digital Signage and Kiosk Expo 2010

After three trade shows in 10 days (WebXpo 2010, Digital Signage expo Europe 2010 and Kiosk expo Europe 2010), the future is clear – 35% annual growth of the digital signage and self-service kiosk markets.

Let me introduce you to EXPOSE — the world’s first all-glass multi-touch kiosk with 25″ full-HD digital signage display and built-in surround sound system. Designed and manufactured by BrandTouch Europe, its less than one inch thick body integrates hundreds of hardware modules and software applications for your bank, boutique, hotel, trade show, event or residence.

With its ultimate HD multimedia, intelligent analytics, mobile CRM, hundreds of connectivity and application options, EXPOSE is the perfect ambassador for every brand, striving for top visibility and excellence.

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Digital Signage and Kiosk Expo 2010
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