Auto-Sync Contacts Cloud

It takes 3 minutes to have all your business contacts merged and synchronized between your CRM, Email client (Outlook, Thunderbird), Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Smartphone (iPhone/ Android): phones, emails, address data and profile photos. Get rid of your old business cards and go for one unified, global, cloud-based, auto-updated address-book with easy access from any computer or mobile device. […]

Best CRM 2011?

Greetings to all the “best CRM” fans these days – the CRM’s spring peak is back with lot of interesting projects. Should I use an in-house or hosted solution, how to integrate our ERP, the Asterisk call center, helpdesk, our email marketing center, RSS feeds and 30 social media profiles?… The old myth about ”the magic […]


Днес за 4-ти път ме питат “Защо сайтът ни излиза на първа позиция, как така, нали не сте започнали оптимизацията”? “Излиза на първа позиция”, защото a) Вече сте посещавали този URL (>3 пъти) b) Google счита сайта ви за най релевантния за квартала (понякога район с радиус от 250м) c) Сайтът ви е оптимизиран и […]

SEO analysis & the Enterprise

If we do a quick comparison of the last 3 enterprise SEO analysis reports, they all share the same onpage/ offpage problems: Mature and huge brands with rarely noted websites, scattered on 3-4 “fresh” domains on foreign servers; FRAME-based! corporate websites with zero URL visibility or rewriting; Thousands of products, hidden in ZERO crawl-rate framed […]

Which web strategy to follow?

Most marketers will guide you to follow one well-tried and reliable marketing strategy, when there are hundreds of ways to reach your goals, depending on your niche, current trends, competition, time and resources. Using the right keywords, fresh content and quality links to beat the top 10 competitors …and that’s simply all is a popular […]

Traffic vs. Conversion

The holiday’s shopping fever is over. While the visitors trend to our caviar and fashion website projects dropped down to their “normal” levels, reflecting the worldwide search volume trend for December/January, ecommerce conversion jumped 3 times. The battle is Quality vs. Quantity. Performance matters, beyond trends. In the end of the day the 80/20  ratio […]

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