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2012: Year of the Tablets? Year of the Windows 8 Slates

The new iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, Sony S, Asus eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook, HP Slate 500, Dell Streak…tablets are overtaking the world by storm. Still all of them are used just as multimedia companions, missing the main point – getting the ultimate power of a full-featured high-end PC while on the […]

Auto-Sync Contacts Cloud

It takes 3 minutes to have all your business contacts merged and synchronized between your CRM, Email client (Outlook, Thunderbird), Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Smartphone (iPhone/ Android): phones, emails, address data and profile photos. Get rid of your old business cards and go for one unified, global, cloud-based, auto-updated address-book with easy access from any computer or mobile device. […]

The Power of Dreams

First yellow leaves cause shivers up my “move” passion and dreams. As little kids, we all got those ridin-swimmin-jumpin-climbin wounds and scarves. Cycling gives you a unique feeling beyond the frame, cycling in the wild moves your soul and personal, open-minded mobility, a guaranteed freedom. Country/ mountain roads are the best, highways/ freeways are the worst… My favorite […]

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