Year: 2010

Screen time: 16h a day diet

Bye summertime, hi screentime. It seems everybody is back to work. We practice hundreds of screen-time activities on a daily basis. For example digital branding and web design doesn’t mean “Lorem ipsum” and CSS coding. It means daily communication with clients, project and contract management, market research and analytics, solid information architecture, creative design and fresh content, […]

Brand Integrity Management 2010

Every third import in the united European market is suspicious counterfeiting with infringed brand or design rights. The global loss is $30-50m just for one brand and billions per year for the top 5 cosmetic brands, mostly in less developed markets. Seems when your brand is 120 years old and you sell in 210 countries, […]

Something Velly powerful is happening to me this weekend!

“We have to assume we’ll never meet again. This is the only unique opportunity!” John Kehoe is a mesmerizing inspirational Canadian guru with 33 years of experience, his books are bestsellers in Bulgaria, the only Wikipedia article is in Bulgarian, his website has a rank beyond 6 million, but is translated in Bulgarian?!. Today 970 […]

Wild Ride

You can hear it here:Wild Ride or in the Bulgarian National Radio Land Adventure’s interview (in Bulgarian) Shadows on the walking path stalled me for a minute reminds of good ol’ friends who burned fast still young Sunny weeks on wide wild roads, indian summers never ending hours of speedy rides and fairy clouds ‘n […]

2010: year of the tablet? Maybe.

Tablet PCs have been a huge trend in the last decade and especially at CES 2010. As noted by Deloitte: computer manufacturers are predicted to sell millions of “NetTabs” worldwide, a market of 612 million GBP. By 2015, shipments are forecast to reach about 57 million units annually. Microsoft announced the Tablet PC concept 10 […]


Днес за 4-ти път ме питат “Защо сайтът ни излиза на първа позиция, как така, нали не сте започнали оптимизацията”? “Излиза на първа позиция”, защото a) Вече сте посещавали този URL (>3 пъти) b) Google счита сайта ви за най релевантния за квартала (понякога район с радиус от 250м) c) Сайтът ви е оптимизиран и […]

Клиент: Рейтинг и Стойност

Годината се смени, приоритетите остават същите:  ръст на бизнеса чрез отлично представяне на бранда, стратегически иновации и перфектно обслужване на Клиентите. Тъй като обичам това, с което се занимавам, измерваме резултата с 2 основни метрики – ROI (възвръщаемост на инвестицията) и CAGR (Годишен темп на растеж). Ако питаме Cambridge какво е маркетинг, то дефиницията е […]

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