Month: February 2009

What type of … you are?

Philosophers, scientists and activists,  from Plato to Keirsey to Josh to Clifton to Lindsay, are categorizing and profiling personality types by temperament, strengths, social and even SEO activity. The temperament profile correlations through the decades are endless: philosopher, ethical, melancholic, dogmatic, religious, idealists, scientist, choleric, agnostic, theoretical, rational, guardian, phlegmatic, traditional, economic, receptive, epimethean, artisan, […]

Which web strategy to follow?

Most marketers will guide you to follow one well-tried and reliable marketing strategy, when there are hundreds of ways to reach your goals, depending on your niche, current trends, competition, time and resources. Using the right keywords, fresh content and quality links to beat the top 10 competitors …and that’s simply all is a popular […]

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